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All Smiles Dental Centre

2207 Henderson Highway,  Winnipeg, MB  R2E 0B8



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  • [...] Dr. Penner one of the leading dentists in Winnipeg warns that once your teeth’s enamel is gone it is, in fact, gone forever. The best way to protect your teeth from enamel loss is to use a good toothpaste which completely removes plaque and acids from your teeth. [...]

  • [...] Winnipeg dentists ask people to watch out for the following symptoms and if any one of them exists then you should visit your nearest dentist immediately. • A sore in the mouth which continues to bleed but doesn’t heal regardless of how much time passes. • Small or large patches which may appear in the mouth or the lips or even a combination of both. • If you feel numbness, tenderness, and pain in your mouth or lips, it could indicate cancer. • If you have bleeding which is not related to gingivitis it could be cancer. • Having a hard time swallowing. • Have a tough time wearing your dentures. • A small or large lump on your neck. [...]

  • [...] you visit your dentist who discovers them during a regular examination of your mouth. According to Dr. M Penner, some inexperienced dentists may miss the early signs of this type of tooth decay. In order to [...]

  • [...] lots of cortisol which in turn will increase the chances of inflammation. This is why many Winnipeg dentists attribute sore gums to stressful lifestyle something many Americans can relate [...]

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